Processing of personal data by Metier OEC (Privacy Policy)

Updated per: 27.04.2023

When you use the services of Metier OEC, our websites and/or are in contact with us as a customer, supplier or in other contexts, Metier OEC will process personal data about you. More information about the personal data collected, the basis of the processing and your rights related to the processing of your personal data is described below.

The data controller is Metier OEC.

Contact Information Group for Metier OEC is available here.

Any questions you may have about our processing of your personal data, please contact us.


Below is the personal data we process listed, including the purpose of the processing, how long we process the personal data, the basis for the processing, whether the information is provided and/or transferred to countries outside the EEA.

1.1 Customers and participants in courses and conferences with Metier OEC

If you are a personal customer of Metier OEC, you will need to provide some information that we process in order to provide services. Metier OEC will also store and process information about you when we contact you in connection with the services we provide.

The information you provide and collected will be used to provide you with services, manage customer relationships with you, and better services, such as courses and seminars.

The information you provide to us will also be added to information about the services you use with us and other information, such as use of services, other purchases, inquiries etc. It is optional for you to provide us with your personal information, but if you do not provide the information, we will not be able to provide you with services in full.

The processing is done on the basis of fulfilling an agreement with you by providing our services. We will also process information about potential customers who register with us but who have not yet used our services on the basis that it is in our legitimate interest to process information about potential customers. We have considered that potential customers' interests and fundamental rights and freedoms are not overridden by those interests.

Information that will be registered and processed is the contact information and what courses and services you receive from us.

We will transfer personal information to affiliates if necessary to fulfil the agreement with you, e.g. in connection with hotel stays or catering, or to other partners for courses and certification. In this connection, we may inquire about food preferences or conditions related to allergies, etc. Such information, which is specific categories of personal data (such as information related to health or religion), will not be processed unless this is necessary and only if you consent to the processing.

The information will be stored as long as we provide you with our services, as well as long as it is necessary to retain the services as a result of regulatory requirements, especially accounting and tax law.

1.2 Newsletters and providing of information

We process personal data in connection with the dissemination of information about our services and possible partners, and by providing information about our business. In this connection, only the e-mail address, telephone number and the information in e-mails sent to us are processed.

The processing of the information is based on our legitimate interest, which consists of informing customers and other stakeholders about our business, and to ensure the marketing of our services.

We have considered that the data subjects' interests and fundamental rights and freedoms are not overridden over these interests, especially since the processing of personal data is limited and the data subject is provided with information on the processing.

When sending information by e-mail, SMS, etc. for marketing purposes, we will only send to natural persons who have consented to receive information in this way.

It is optional to give us your e-mail address, but if we do not receive the e-mail address, we cannot send information, etc. If we collect personal information from others, it will apply to the names and email addresses of contact persons in companies, as suppliers. The source of such information will then usually be the contact person's employer.

If you request the providing of information to end, we will immediately case with providing information. Consent given to us may be withdrawn at any time, either on this site or by contacting us.

We reserve the right to store the information that the recipient no longer wants information from us. We will delete the e-mail address if we are notified that it is no longer active.

We do not disclose contact information to third parties for marketing purposes without first obtaining consent from the person in question. Such third parties will typically be partners and other suppliers, who will then be responsible for the information we provide.

1.3 Contact persons with existing and potential business customers and suppliers

We process personal data about contacts of existing and potential suppliers and other partners to manage our relationship with suppliers and others, prepare, conduct and document the purchase and sale of goods and services and evaluate the purchase and sale of goods and services.

The processing of personal data is based on our legitimate interest, which consists of the need for purchasing, selling and marketing. We also store and disclose information where we have a legal obligation to do so, for example under accounting and tax law. We may store information for as long as it may be needed, such as documenting purchase and sale conditions.

In many cases, it will be necessary that we obtain personal information to enter into agreements with customers and suppliers, among other things, to document that an agreement has been entered into. If we do not receive the information we need, we will not enter into an agreement.

It is voluntary for the contact persons if they want to give us personal information. If we collect personal data from others, it will mainly apply to contact information, position, function and employer as well as any expertise and references where relevant. The source of such information will be the contact person's employer, for example, from the employer's website. In some cases, we collect references from others to assess the suitability of customers and suppliers.

We may store the information until the company ceases to be a customer/supplier or until the contact person ceases to be a contact person, with the exceptions mentioned above.

1.4 Contact with others

Metier OEC will process personal data about those who contact us to answer and document the communication. This applies to all forms of communication, physical and digital, written and oral.

The processing of information is based on our legitimate interest, which consists of having contact with the outside world in our business and in documenting the business we operate. We have considered it necessary for us to handle inquiries we receive, and we have considered that the interests of the data subjects and their fundamental rights and freedoms do not precede these interests.

It is voluntary to provide us with personal information, but it will be necessary to provide us with information in order to respond to inquiries.

We process the information until we expect that there will be no further follow-up to the contact, normally for one year.

1.5 Visitor registration system

Metier OEC uses a visitor registration system to record and process personal information about visitors to us to keep track of who has access to the premises.

The processing of visitor information is based on Metier OEC's legitimate interests in securing our premises.

We store visitor information for up to 90 days after registering the information.

We do not disclose information to others without your consent. In special cases, we may provide information to others when security considerations make it necessary or there is a suspicion of a crime or other breach.

1.6 Use of web pages

To obtain information about the use of our website we use cookies. You can read more about cookies and what cookies further down on this page.

To the extent that personal information is registered when you are using our website, we process personal data on the basis of a balance of interest. We have considered it necessary for us to do this to personalize the website to our users. However, we safeguard your privacy by using the statistics only. In these statistics, it is not possible to identify yourself as an individual.

We use the information collected to improve the customer experience on websites and services, as well as to provide functionality in the services. We also use the information to provide you with recommendations and service adjustments that are most relevant to you. This will both be based on your own behaviour, e.g. based on services you have used, links you have clicked on, or information you have read, and on the basis of the behaviour of other users with similar usage patterns like you.

The personal information is also used to improve our website, and to compile statistics and understand the use of the pages. As far as practicable, we attempt to do so with anonymous information, without our knowledge that the information is specifically related to you.


We do not give or transfer your personal data on to others in cases other than those mentioned below unless there is a legal basis for such disclosure. Examples of such a basis will typically be an agreement with you or a legal basis that requires us to disclose the information.

Metier OEC uses data processors to collect, store or otherwise process personal data on our behalf. In such cases, we have entered into agreements to safeguard information security at all stages of the processing.

It is our goal that all processing of personal data is carried out within the EEA, but it may be that we use suppliers or process personal data outside the EEA. In such cases, transfer and processing outside the EEA (third countries) will take place in countries approved by the EU Commission or in accordance with valid legal grounds for the transfer of personal data under GDPR Chapter V. If transfer to countries approved by the EU Commission does not occur, transfer will only take place under the guarantees set out in GDPR Article 46 (2). You can find out which basis has been used for the transfer by contacting us.

Personal data may in some cases be disclosed to the public authority. Such extradition will only take place if we are required to do so by applicable laws and regulations.


We store your personal data with us for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which the personal data was collected, and delete the data about you in accordance with the legal requirements.

How long we process the individual types of information we process is included in paragraph 1 above where the individual treatments are discussed.

Instead of deleting the personal information, it may be appropriate in some cases to anonymize personal information. By anonymization is meant that all identifying or potentially identifying characteristics are removed from data sets that are preserved.


4.1 Right to access, rectification and deletion

You have the right to demand access, rectification or deletion of the personal data we process about you. If you would like to exercise these rights, please go to this page or contact us.

You can also ask us to rectify or correct any incorrect information we have about you or ask us to delete personal information. We will, as far as possible, respond to a request to delete personal data, but we cannot do so if we still need the information, for example, that we must store the information for documentation purposes related to claims or accounting.

To exercise your rights, you must contact us using the contact information included at the top of this policy. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and within 30 days. If it takes more than 30 days, you will be notified.

However, we would ask you to confirm your identity or to provide additional information before allowing us to exercise your rights to us. We do this to make sure that we only give access to your personal information to you - and not someone who claims to be you.

4.2 Right to protest on processing

You also have the right to protest on the processing and to request the processing limited in certain cases, such as:

  1. You dispute the accuracy of the personal data, for a period that allows Metier OEC to verify the accuracy of the personal data,
  2. The processing is not lawful, and you oppose the deletion of the personal data and instead request that the use of the personal data be restricted,
  3. Metier OEC no longer needs the personal information for the purpose of processing, but you need it to establish, enforce or defend legal claims,
  4. You have objected to the processing under Article 21 (1) of the GDPR, pending the verification of whether Metier OEC's legitimate grounds precede its registration.

You can read more about the contents of this right on the website of the Norwegian Data Inspectorate:

4.3 Right to data portability

For personal data that you have provided to Metier OEC and which is based on consent or necessary to execute an agreement with Metier OEC, and which is processed automatically (i.e. not manually by Metier OEC), you may request that your personal information be provided to you or transferred to another supplier in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format (data portability).

4.4 Right to complain to a supervisory authority

If you believe that our processing of personal data is not in accordance with what we have described here or that we in other ways violate the privacy law, you can complain to the Data Inspectorate.

You can find information on how to contact the Data Inspectorate on the website of the inspectorate:


No automated decisions will be made as mentioned in Article 22 (1) and (4) of the GDPR based on your personal information.


If there is a change in our services or changes in the rules on the processing of personal data, it may result in amendments in the information provided here. If we have your contact information, we will notify you of these changes. Otherwise, updated information will always be available on our website.


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We also use tools other than cookies to obtain information about your IP address, the type of browser you are using, your broadband provider, operating system, date and time of website and services. We use this information to analyse trends so that we can make the site and services more user-friendly.

1.1 What kind of cookies do we use?

Cookies on our site can be divided into four categories:

1.1.1 Essential cookies

Some cookies are critical to the operation of our site. For example, cookies will allow us to identify users so that they can log into their accounts. If you choose to disable cookies, you will not be able to access your account.

1.1.2 Performance cookies

We use cookies to analyse how visitors use our site and to monitor the performance of the website. This gives us the opportunity to identify any problems and fix them quickly. For example, we can use performance cookies to keep track of which pages are most popular. We may also use performance cookies to show links to other pages that we think you may be interested in based on the pages you have viewed.

1.1.3 Functionality cookies

We use functionality cookies to remember your preferences. For example, to remember any changes you made to your preferences in your account settings. We may also use functionality cookies to provide you with other services, such as watching video clips on our site.

1.2 Cookies used

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Google may also transfer this information to third parties if required by law or in cases where third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate your IP address with any other information Google has.

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1.3 Change your browser settings

You can change the settings on your browser to limit which cookies can be used.

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